Is it fact or fiction that men lose weight faster than women? The answer may surprise you.

Do Men Lose Weight Faster than Women?

Is it a fact, or a misconception, that men have less trouble losing weight than women? Perhaps surprisingly, science is proving that males do indeed shed pounds at a faster rate than their female counterparts. There are a number of factors that influence how quickly an individual can lose weight, including gender.

Here are a few of the reasons why medical researchers believe that men may lose weight at greater speeds and with more ease than women.

Body Composition

Fact or Fiction: Men Lose Weight Faster Than WomenOne of the most impactful factors that influences the ability to lose weight is your biological body composition. Males typically carry more lean muscle mass than women. Because muscle burns more calories than does fat, it is easier for men to lose weight without as much effort.

Metabolic Variances

A man's metabolism has also been shown to be roughly 5 - 10 percent faster than a woman's metabolic rate. The reason for this discrepancy lies in the higher amounts of the hormone testosterone in a man's body. This hormone boosts lean body mass, resulting in a higher metabolic rate, even when at rest.

Different Fat Distribution

Related to the differences in body composition is the variation in fat distribution throughout the body between the two genders. For example, women tend to put on more fat on the buttocks, thighs and hips as a natural result of their bodies being designed to grow and birth children. Known as subcutaneous fat, this type of fat is not as metabolically active. This contrasts to men who are more likely to carry extra weight in their abdomen. Because weight generally falls off the midsection faster, it may be more noticeable when men shed a few pounds.

Hormonal Differences

There are also a variety of hormonal differences that explain why men lose weight faster than women. It is not unusual for fluctuations in the menstrual cycle to trigger unintended weight gain. The hormones in many birth control pills and devices can also make it more difficult for women to maintain their ideal weight. Lastly, a number of health complications that impact women have been shown to accelerate weight gain. A few of the most common types of hormonal health issues that make it more difficult for women to maintain a healthy weight include thyroid disorders and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Emotional Eating Tendencies

Women are also at a biological disadvantage because studies suggest they could be more likely to turn to emotional eating during times of mental distress. A study out of Brookhaven National Laboratory discovered that men are typically more successful at resisting food cravings while women tend to give into their favorite foods. Females also have a higher tendency to eat in response to stress and anxiety. Conversely, research has found that males are more likely to turn to alcohol as a crutch.

Natural Ways to Maintain a Healthy Weight

Regardless of your gender, you have a number of tools at your disposal if your goal is to maintain a healthy weight.

Nourish Your Body with the Right Foods

You cannot expect to maintain a healthy weight if you are not intentional about what you eat. Choose foods that are nutrient-rich for the best bang for your caloric buck. You should also be purposeful about watching your portion sizes while limiting snacking between meals. Lastly, drinking plentiful amounts of water will deter you from overeating.

Get Moving

Getting in regular exercise is another powerful way to keep your weight in check. You do not have to spend hours in the gym to see these results. Even being purposeful about getting in 10,000 steps per day can go a long way in helping you to reach your weight loss goals. Most health experts will recommend finding a program that balances both cardiovascular exercise with strength training work for the best results.

Prioritize Sleep

Fact or Fiction: Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women 1It may sound counterintuitive but getting in the proper amount of rest is also instrumental in supporting an ideal weight. Research has shown that those who do not get enough sleep each night are more likely to eat more during the day. Feeling alert and ready to face the day each morning will encourage you to make better eating choices while also giving you more energy to exercise.

Take the Right Supplements

You can also support your weight goals by taking a solid daily supplement. A natural supplement such as Chronoslim is specially formulated to encourage healthy thermogenesis and fat storage processes. This targeted supplement also supports a well-functioning metabolic rate that will complement your efforts to eat right and exercise.

While you have no control over your biological gender, you do have control over the steps that you can take to help to maintain a healthy weight. Making the effort now to keep your weight in check will deliver numerous benefits to your overall health and wellness.

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