Intestinal Flora

Intestinal Flora
  1. Ferrochron®
    Women's HealthCellular HealthIntestinal Flora
    • Multi-layered tablets support healthy iron levels
    • Provides multiple iron salts for optimum bioavailability
    • Rapid absorption and maximum tolerability
    • None of the uncomfortable side effects of pure iron sulfate
    • Supports performance, a healthy immune system and general well-being

    (1 Box: 30 Tablets) - Ferrochron® is a chronobiological dietary supplement that combines three different iron salts in a multi-layered tablet for controlled release with improved tolerability compared to iron preparations consisting purely of iron sulfate. Ferrochron® was developed to protect against iron deficiency in children, pregnant women and the general population.

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  2. Florachron™
    Cellular HealthIntestinal FloraMetabolism
    • Promotes healthy intestinal flora
    • Helps strengthen the body’s own defense mechanisms
    • Works to restore the natural balance of 'good' bacteria after antibiotic therapy

    (1 Box: 60 Tablets / 60 Capsules) - Florachron™ promotes healthy intestinal flora by providing a chronobiologically-developed prebiotic (morning) and probiotic (evening) regimen designed to work synergistically to help maintain healthy levels of intestinal flora.

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