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The Longevity Health Group, producer of, among other brands, the Chronoceuticals™ products, was founded in 1996 by a group of European entrepreneurs to redefine the standards of high-end nutritional supplements. Every effort since has been to supply the very best natural products to consumers all over the globe.


Together with doctors and scientists from international universities and hospitals, chronobiological products are being developed that are formulated to live up to the company’s slogans: “The Right Thing at The Right Time™” and “Stop Aging – Start Living™”. The latest findings of global studies, as well as our own treatment observations, are continually incorporated into the further development and improvement of the Chronoceuticals preparations.


At multiple locations in Arizona, California, New York and Utah, superior raw materials in pure pharmaceutical quality are processed in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and other stringent quality control guidelines to meet our own very high standards of quality. The production plants are inspected by the necessary authorities and by independent experts on an ongoing basis. Both the raw materials used in production and the final products undergo a multi-stage quality assurance process to warrant absolute purity and the correct composition of every batch produced.