how can Chronobiology
help you?

Chronobiology is a scientific field that studies how our body's
natural cycles are affected by solar and lunar rhythms.

Chronobiology Rhythm of Life

Each cell in our body follows its own specific inner rhythm.

Activity and regeneration, reaction and rest follow each other. External and internal time givers control our physical, mental and emotional functions. It is therefore evident that the effect of medicines also varies throughout the day.

Chronotherapy investigates the effect of therapeutic measures in harmony with our inner clock.

This knowledge is infinitely valuable for the committed doctor. It can help avoid doing the right thing at the wrong time. Chronotherapy can be the decisive factor in supporting the body exactly at a time the assistance achieves a maximum effect. Thus, efficacy is increased and undesirable disturbing side effects are reduced.

THE FOUR ELEMENTS of chronobiology

Anti Aging

The optimal substanceThe right quantityThe selected target organThe most effective time point


phases over the
course of a day

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