1. Androchron®
    EnergyHeart HealthMetabolismMen's HealthAndropause
    • Plant-based chronobiological formula that supports healthy testosterone levels
    • Promotes healthy muscle mass, endurance levels, mental fitness, and libido
    • Protects prostate health

    (1 Box: 60 Capsules) - Androchron® is a chronobiological food supplement for men over 50 that supports healthy testosterone levels and libido while also promoting healthy performance levels and muscle mass. Androchron® contains a unique combination of vital ingredients for optimal efficiency and absorbency.

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  2. Chronoslim®
    • Supports healthy thermogenesis and fat storage
    • Promotes healthy metabolism, including glucose metabolism
    • Helps maintain a healthy weight, in combination with a nutritious diet and moderate exercise 

    (1 Box: 60 Capsules) - Chronoslim® provides natural ingredients in a chronobiologically-designed formula for optimal weight management support. The herbs and nutrients in Chronoslim® work together to support general metabolism and promote healthy thermogenesis and fat burning, while also helping to maintain healthy glucose metabolism and feelings of satiety.

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  3. Diabetichron®
    • Promotes healthy glucose metabolism
    • Helps maintain blood sugar levels already within normal ranges
    • Supports healthy metabolism for optimal fat burning

    (1 Box: 120 Capsules) - Diabetichron® is a chronobiologically-formulated blend of powerful plant extracts, vitamins and minerals that helps maintain blood sugar levels already within normal ranges, while also supporting healthy glucose metabolism. Based on the emerging science of chronobiology, Diabetichron® is formulated to provide the proper nutrients at the ideal time of day for maximum efficacy and utilization.

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  4. Florachron™
    Cellular HealthIntestinal FloraMetabolism
    • Promotes healthy intestinal flora
    • Helps strengthen the body’s own defense mechanisms
    • Works to restore the natural balance of 'good' bacteria after antibiotic therapy

    (1 Box: 60 Tablets / 60 Capsules) - Florachron™ promotes healthy intestinal flora by providing a chronobiologically-developed prebiotic (morning) and probiotic (evening) regimen designed to work synergistically to help maintain healthy levels of intestinal flora.

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  5. Menochron®
    Women's HealthBone HealthCellular HealthJointsMetabolismMoodMenopause
    • Provides chronobiologically-optimized isoflavones that work similarly to estrogen in the body
    • Helps maintain healthy hormonal balance (especially in women over 45)
    • Promotes healthy fat and sugar metabolism, supports healthy bones, and fights free radicals

    (1 Box: 60 Capsules) - Menochron® is an innovative supplement based on special plant extracts with estrogen-like properties designed for natural support for menopausal symptoms. Menochron's® chronobiologically-formulated morning and evening capsules have been designed to meet the body’s needs throughout the day.  As a result, Menochron® can be integrated into the daily diet to help maintain healthy hormonal balance.

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  6. Tryptochron®
    • Supports healthy serotonin levels in the brain
    • Helps maintain a healthy mood
    • Reduces the time it takes to fall asleep

    (1 Box: 30 Tablets) - Tryptochron® is a unique formulation based on the science of chronobiology that helps your body maintain healthy serotonin levels, without negative side effects.

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