1. Melachron®
    SleepCellular Health
    • Fall asleep and stay asleep naturally (in cases of occasional sleeplessness)
    • Pulsatile-release formula promotes a healthy sleep-wake cycle
    • Supports healthy sleep patterns after time-zone shifts
    • Non-addictive and non-habit forming, with no harmful side effects

    (1 Box: 60 Tablets) - Melachron® is a chronobiology-based melatonin formula that helps you ease into a restful sleep and stay asleep naturally, without harmful side effects. Melachron's® patented, controlled-release formula provides melatonin for up to seven hours, ensuring a restful night's sleep with no morning grogginess. Ease into a restful sleep and wake up refreshed with Melachron!

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  2. Tryptochron®
    • Supports healthy serotonin levels in the brain
    • Helps maintain a healthy mood
    • Reduces the time it takes to fall asleep

    (1 Box: 30 Tablets) - Tryptochron® is a unique formulation based on the science of chronobiology that helps your body maintain healthy serotonin levels, without negative side effects.

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