1. Dermachron®
    SkinWomen's HealthMen's Health
    • Helps combat fine lines 
    • Nourishes connective tissue from within for firm, supple skin
    • Protects the skin against harmful effects of the environment
    • Provides the skin with vital nutrients

    (1 Box: 60 Capsules) - Dermachron® combines active ingredients formulated according to chronobiologic principles, including vitamins, nutrients, trace elements and plant-based components. The powerful ingredients in Dermachron®'s activating morning capsule and regenerating evening capsule help protect against fine lines and premature aging of the skin, while also protecting the skin against harmful effects of the environment. 

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  2. Diabetichron®
    • Promotes healthy glucose metabolism
    • Helps maintain blood sugar levels already within normal ranges
    • Supports healthy metabolism for optimal fat burning

    (1 Box: 120 Capsules) - Diabetichron® is a chronobiologically-formulated blend of powerful plant extracts, vitamins and minerals that helps maintain blood sugar levels already within normal ranges, while also supporting healthy glucose metabolism. Based on the emerging science of chronobiology, Diabetichron® is formulated to provide the proper nutrients at the ideal time of day for maximum efficacy and utilization.

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  3. Ferrochron®
    Women's HealthCellular HealthIntestinal Flora
    • Multi-layered tablets support healthy iron levels
    • Provides multiple iron salts for optimum bioavailability
    • Rapid absorption and maximum tolerability
    • None of the uncomfortable side effects of pure iron sulfate
    • Supports performance, a healthy immune system and general well-being

    (1 Box: 30 Tablets) - Ferrochron® is a chronobiological dietary supplement that combines three different iron salts in a multi-layered tablet for controlled release with improved tolerability compared to iron preparations consisting purely of iron sulfate. Ferrochron® was developed to protect against iron deficiency in children, pregnant women and the general population.

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  4. Fertilichron® Female
    Women's HealthWomen's Fertility
    Fertilichron® Female
    • Provides the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for healthy female fertility
    • Supports optimal female reproductive health
    • Helps support the female body in preparation for pregnancy

    (1 Box: 30 Daily Packets) - Fertilichron®  female is a breakthrough formula that provides potent, scientifically-validated phytonutrients, vitamins and essential minerals specifically chosen for their ability to support optimal female reproductive health and fertility.

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  5. Fertilichron® Male
    Men's HealthMen's Fertility
    Fertilichron® Male
    • Supports healthy male fertility and reproductive health
    • Supports healthy testosterone levels
    • Supports healthy libido and libido-related performance

    (1 Box: 30 Daily Packets) - Fertilichron® male is a breakthrough blend of potent medicinal plants and nutrients that naturally supports healthy male fertility.  Based on the science of chronobiology, Fertilichron® male helps maintain healthy testosterone levels and libido, while also supporting male reproductive health.

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  6. Florachron®
    Cellular HealthIntestinal FloraMetabolism
    • Promotes healthy intestinal flora
    • Helps strengthen the body’s own defense mechanisms
    • Works to restore the natural balance of 'good' bacteria after antibiotic therapy

    (1 Box: 60 Tablets / 60 Capsules) - Florachron™ promotes healthy intestinal flora by providing a chronobiologically-developed prebiotic (morning) and probiotic (evening) regimen designed to work synergistically to help maintain healthy levels of intestinal flora.

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